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It took about 4 hours to get from Venice to Rome by train.  Actually, add another hour to that because I first took a bus from Chioggia to Venice.  If you’re in Venice and want to enjoy some beach time away from the crowds, check out Chioggia.  I digress. I took Trenitalia or Italo to Rome.  The trains are similar, so when traveling through Italy, I compared prices and went with the cheaper fare.


The hostel I wanted to stay in was pretty expensive, so I opted for a private room in an Airbnb instead.  To date, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in an Airbnb.  A private room with a balcony, your own table in the kitchen for breakfast, equipped with a special message on a chalkboard.  Feel free to send me a message if you’re looking for accommodations in Rome and would like more information about the listing.

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I got a 48-hour card for the metro and buses for 12.5 €. In hindsight, I would’ve been fine purchasing a few cards that are good for 100 minutes for 1.5 €. Once I got to a main destination or attraction, I just walked to the next place.  I only needed the metro a few times – to get to the Airbnb, the Spanish Steps for a tour, and The Colosseum.  Since I purchased the pass, I did hop on the bus a few times to feel like I got my money’s worth.


Honestly, I didn’t find any restaurants in Rome to write home about.  Perhaps it was my lack of research or the fact that this marked my third week in Italy and there are only so many times I can get excited about pasta and pizza.  Either way, I was sadly underwhelmed. I did find a restaurant that puts interesting spins on the traditional aperol spritz. Check out Bistro Coronari for a tasty spritz.

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To get a lay of the land, I started with a free walking tour.  The tour included the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Square, and Piazza Navona.  After the tour, I made my way to the Trevi Fountain.  I went in the afternoon and it was super crowded.  I was hoping to get back at night to see it with the lights, but I didn’t make it.  Of course, a trip to Rome isn’t complete without visiting The Colosseum. A description won’t do it justice. I will say that once you step off the train, The Colosseum hits you; it’s truly breathtaking!

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Here’s a breakdown of my budget for four days in Rome.  


Item Cost
Chioggia → Venice → Rome 66 € = 79 USD
Accommodations 139 € = 167 USD
Getting Around 12.5 € = 15 USD
Food and Drinks 74 € = 89 USD
Activities 5 € = 6 USD
Total 297 € = 356 USD

*I used an exchange rate of 1 € = 1.2 USD.


My three weeks in Italy are up. On to the next country.


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  1. Awesome roundup! Rome can be quite an expensive city to visit, but I see you managed to control your costs. Thanks for the info 🙂

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