I’m a teacher (insert a range of reactions here…I usually get “Why?” or an endearing “Aww, how cute.”)

While I’m a teacher, charged with educating the next generation, I still have a lot to learn.  A lot to learn about myself, my profession, navigating this thing called life…

Luckily, I think learning is fun…though I’ve had some not-so-fun moments where I’ve asked, “Did I really need that lesson?”

Between being a teacher by day, and Marissa outside of school hours, I’ve learned quite a bit; hence, Marissa’s Teachable Moments.  Join me as I figure out how to strike a healthy work-life balance, see the world, and ball on a (teacher’s) budget. Safe to say that last one has been the most challenging, more on that later…

I hope you can learn from, and sometimes laugh at, Marissa’s Teachable Moments.



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