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If you’ve been following my blog in the time leading up to my journey, then you know I was considering hostels to help save money.  I was super skeptical about the hostel life. I like my own space, definitely my own bathroom, it’s not like I’m back in college. Well, I did it. I stayed in my first hostel, Ostello Bello Lake Como. Here’s my take on it…

When I arrived, I was greeted with a welcome drink of my choice, so I was already a fan. Then, I heard all the free perks, like wifi, bike rentals, computer rentals, renting a modem so you can stay connected even when you leave the hostel.  Free breakfast and dinner were the real MVPs. For breakfast, think continental. For dinner, think pasta. Then pasta the night after that, and the night after that. Still it was free, so you only had to pay for lunch or go next door to the supermarket.

After the welcome spiel, it was time to see the rooms, dun dun dun.  My room had 6 beds — 2 sets of bunk beds. Luckily, I wasn’t on the top bunk because that was a bit of a climb. Each bunk bed had an outlet that included a reading light and a charging station with a usb port, so I didn’t have to break out my universal charger. The sheets were clean, and free. The rooms also included individual lockers for your belongings, and you could rent a lock for free. Working A/C was another plus. My only issue was the bathroom. The showers were pretty small. Before traveling to Europe, I’d read reviews for numerous listings that often mentioned the small showers. Still, I wasn’t mentally prepared to not be able to comfortably maneuver when taking a shower.  Enough of the rooms, now for the vibe.


This particular hostel was a hybrid between a hostel, a bar, and a club for visitors and locals alike. So, one can chill in the common area listening to music or opt for some quiet time in the secret garden, equipped with hammocks. The people who worked there also added to a vibe. I was surprised to learn that after the first day, some of them knew my name.  They were super helpful when it came to providing recommendations for things to see, places to eat, and where to shop.  One guy at the front desk even invited a few of us out on a boat.

To me, a hostel is like an overnight summer camp for adults. From the bunk beds, to who am I gonna sit with for lunch, to foosball tournaments. The only difference is, instead of a medal for participating, you get a shot from the 24-hour bar.

I extended my trip by a day, so I guess it’s safe to say I’m a fan of the hostel life. I am nervous, however, that perhaps my first experience was too good of one. Ostello Bello Lake Como set the bar high.


At summer camp, you write in a memory book and promise to keep in touch.  At hostels, you follow people on ig or snapchat.

Now, I’m off to my next spot with two new friends I made in the hostel. Click the follow button so you don’t miss a moment from my adventure.

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