As an educator, I strive to make my moments teachable. During Black History Month, several educators asked what they should do in honor of the month. I’m all here for honoring the contributions of Black people. But we should do that for more than one month out of the year. During one discussion about what it means to be culturally responsive, I said,

“I’m Black 365 days a year. 366, it’s a leap year.”

And that’s where this idea was born. Take a look at what I’ve created. I like to think of this line as the intersection between teachable moments and the stay woke movement. These products are stylish and they speak volumes. I’ve highlighted a few items below.

Crop Sweatshirt





Crop Tee


Take a look at these items and more on Rep Teachable Moments and/or Teachable Woke Moments,  



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