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One thing people rarely tell you about traveling, it wears you out.  If the health app on my phone is correct, I’ve been walking 10+ miles a day.  Then, I’m up past my normal bedtime, socializing with people that I’ve met.  I can’t shake my early-bird habits, so I’m up by 7:00 each and every morning.  I’ve been going, going, going.

This piece seems random, but I was inspired to write this after reading a comment that a fellow blogger left on a previous post…thanks for that 🙂  She said that although I was in Seville for four days, I didn’t tell my readers too much.  I’m new to the blogging world, so for a second, I was in my feelings.  I thought to myself, she’s right…I could’ve done more, I could’ve done a better job.  I didn’t give away much in that post because I didn’t do much. Then I thought, wait, I’m not going to feel bad about that.  I’m not one of those people who does it for the ‘gram, or in this case, for the blog.

To get from Lisbon to Seville, I took an overnight bus.  I didn’t sleep much on the bus due to adulting; I had to deal with some things at home while navigating being six hours ahead of the east coast.  So when I arrived in Seville, that first day was a wrap.

Even if I had slept on the bus ride, taking various modes of transportation just days apart can be taxing on your body.  Sometimes, you just need a break from anything that requires physical or mental activity.  In real life, I’m a person who likes to treat myself to those moments.  When given the choice, I will Netflix and chill instead of leaving the house at least 6 times out of 10.   So to be constantly traveling, constantly exploring, constantly engaging…it can be draining.

All that to say, traveling can result in being tired but people don’t tell you that.  On the contrary, people often say, “You slept on your vacation?” “You didn’t see (insert x, y, and z)?” Yes, I slept.  No, I didn’t make it to that attraction.  And guess what, I’m not gonna feel guilty about it.  I had a great experience, and I did it on my time.

So in case you never hear this again let me say…it’s okay to take that nap.  It’s okay not to see everything.  It’s okay to find a spot where you can chill and read, or binge watch a show.  You don’t have to be Dora the Explorer 24/7.  

The Secret Garden at Ostello Bello Lake Como was the perfect spot for some downtime.

What type of traveler are you? Always on the go, or do you indulge in some down time? Let me know in the comments.  Also, to help you sleep better, I’m giving away a sleep mask.  See the details below to enter.

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28 thoughts on “Travel Burnout: Why I Take a Vacation During My Vacation”

  1. I’m going on my first ever 3 month trip next year and I am so worried about how quickly I may burn out! Love this post, I’m a big fan of netflix and naps too!

  2. The longest I’ve been on vacation is 10 days. Guess what? I took several naps. Vacations are about indulging and relaxing. No schedule.

    Sidenote: Love the blog.

  3. It’s taken me a few trips to get other people’s voices & expectations out of my head – I can definitely be “on” but I need my “off” time to counter it. I find it in different ways, including having a hotel vs a hostel for quiet/privacy and making sure I have enough sleep (and that sometimes means a nap in the middle of the day!

  4. I always find it so hard what to include in posts and what not too. To make them interesting but also informative. It’s tough! Definitely agree that it’s important to take time on vacation just to be on vacation, and not run around trying to see everything and go everywhere!

    1. Thanks, I needed to hear that! It really is hard trying to figure out what to include and what to leave out of posts.

      Trying to do everything on vacation can be draining, especially in my case because I move like molasses in real life 🙂

  5. I totally get the travel burnout. My first 7-week trip through Europe I was on the go the whole time. It finally caught up to me the last two weeks and I was just exhausted. I now take things much slower!

  6. Hey! Fellow GLT girl here, saw your post and 100% with you on this. My husband and I have been traveling full time now for the last 6 months, we have another 6 to go, and we’ve loved every second, but in 2 countries, we chilled. I occasionally feel bad about it because I do love to see as much as I can! But then I have to remind myself, you do this full time, you need a break! It’s ok not to see everything, and the worst times is sometimes when I try, I am so burned out, it’s not even fun. So Amen to this post, and not feeling guilty!!!

  7. Yes girl! I’m writing an article on how to vacation when you’re on ‘vacation’, so I feel you. I’m currently in a vacation spot in Egypt (for work), but I’ve been here for too long and feel burnt out to death. It’s like, how to explain to people that a vacation destination is not relaxing…

  8. I’m the traveler that never takes a nap. Up at sunrise and doing as much as I can. I need to force myself to relax though…I always get sick upon returning home.

  9. I agree girl, good advice!! Self care is important, no matter where you are! You gotta know when to slow down sometimes.

  10. My husband and I love down time when traveling. We have three boys, so there isn’t much down time at all at home!

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